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Long wrap coat - Raffaella #114

Our one of a kind wrap coats are made of vintage embroidery suzani pieces found along the ancient silk road. So each suzani pieces are meticulous craftsmanship by the hands of women who weave in the tales of nature, soil and hopes of the future.

Product description

  • White vintage suzani fabric*
  • Blue and red embroidery
  • White up-cycled sheepskin trim
  • Fully-lined with ikat
  • Waist accentuating belt
  • Front two pockets
  • Length: 112 cm
  • 40 % suzani embroidery, 40% ikat, 20% up-cycled sheepskin
  • The product shown in this image is a size small (EU 36-38)

 * Due to the nature of the fabric, which is vintage material that has lived through so many beautiful stories, we would like you to keep in mind that it may have small marks and imperfections which tell stories of the past.

Artisanal note

Each coat is handmade by families in Afghanistan where the suzani pieces are interwoven with vintage sheepskin. Each suzani is handpicked for its quality and pattern from all across central Asia where each region has brought their own interpretation to the fruitful embroideries.

This elegant long wrap coat is our collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative

Price breakdown

When it comes to running a small company with purpose, there are so many costs that are both unseen and seen. From renting our Zazi world in the heart of Amsterdam to the worldwide creatives we work with every day. From the most talented pattern makers, photographers and muses to the endless calls to perfection every co-creation up to the smallest seam. From our community work of tracking your order to packing them with love, and a little note before it arrives with you.

  • Handmade materials - € 85,00
  • Artisan’s work -  € 50,00
  • Shipping to Europe -  € 15,00
  • Customs-  € 16,20 
  • Design fees -  € 3,50
  • Marketing fees -  € 23,50
  • Shipping to you -  € 25,00
  • Saree bags and packaging - € 11,50
  • Payment fees - € 23,39
  • Country tax -  € 154,46
  • Zazi working costs* -  € 260,30
  • Wholesale mark up -  € 222,15
  • Lots of love -  € 0
  • Total price -  € 890,00

*Our co-creations are a process of months of calls and love letters to our partners to get to know them and their stories. Two teams of women coming together from far corners of the world to create products made with the intentionality to truly connect you to the stories interwoven in them. If there is money left by the end of this process, it is directly invested into a new community so we can slowly grow this company step by step.

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