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ZAZI is founded on the principles of collaboration and co-creation, allowing space for regrowth and working in harmony with our land, local biodiversity, seasons, and the incredible humans that weave our products into existence. 


It's all interwoven

Changing the fashion industry culture starts with a commitment to ethical and responsible practices that respect and celebrate the people and planet behind each of our handcrafted pieces. By co-creating with women’s rural communities, we look beyond ‘sustainability’ and towards regeneration. 

Honouring the value chain reflects an understanding of the interconnectedness of the environmental, social, economic, and cultural layers of our co-creations. Even more, our choice to collaborate around the world requires an understanding and respect of our partners relationship to cloth, craft and culture. Our co-creations are a process of months of calls and love letters to our partners, sharing our stories and visions for our collaborations. Teams of women coming together from far corners of the world to create products made with the intentionality of truly connecting you to the stories interwoven within them. By holding an openness to learn, reciprocity, and transparency, we can truly honour the interwoven layers behind our value chain.

We hope that you feel the ethics and love woven into every ZAZI piece.

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