Sustainability is not for sale but is found in the relationship we have with the world around us. In the end, the most sustainable garment is the one you keep the longest, the one you cherish the most, the one that you repair until the threads fall apart, and most importantly it’s the one you give meaning to. 

As a fashion brand, partnering with artisans around the world, means learning from our communities and understanding their relationship to cloth. Even more, as a global community of female artisans, this is reconnecting to the ways we have been translating our world and beliefs into cloth for centuries, weaving and stitching our prayers and wishes to the divine with silk spun threads. 

Our co-creations are a process of months of calls and love letters to our partners to get to know them and their stories. Teams of women coming together from far corners of the world to create products made with the intentionality of truly connecting you to the stories interwoven within them. By holding an openness to learn, reciprocity, and transparency as core to our co-creations, we can truly honour the interwoven cultural, environmental, social, and economic layers behind our value chain. For us, this starts with collaborating with the most talented artisanal communities who celebrate female craftsmanship, co-creation, our land, and storytelling as much as we do.

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