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Meet IkatUz who tie the clouds from Fergana Valley

IkatUz, famous for its Ikat designs, is a family-run social enterprise in Margilan, located in the magical Fergana region of rural Uzbekistan. Previously known as one of the most important stops along the ancient Silk Road.


The Story

“I’m very proud to help my family in managing the sewing and production of the garments. When we finish a dress, it is a really exciting moment and we are happy that our dresses are being worn around the world by women.”

⁓ Murtazaeva - Artisan IkatUz

IkatUz was founded by Azizbek in 2016 with a commitment to preserve traditional craftsmanship and cultural values while creating opportunities for local artisans. Thereby reviving
womens owned craftsmanship, natural dyes and local materials.

The atelier brings together 4 masters, 9 tailors, and over 40 Ikat weavers of which 81% are women. Artisans with incredible skill, unique stories, and passionate advocates of social and environmental standards. Through IkatUz they can improve the livelihoods of themselves, their families, and their communities. The Zazi x IkatUz pieces are created in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative.


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