Each Zazi co-creation is imbued with the authentic richness of the cultures behind every material, pattern and craft. We are committed to bringing the stories of our artisans, who are the true fashion role model and the heart of everything we do. From the first steps of designing and making patterns to the sourcing, dyeing, weaving and tailoring, our pieces reflect a process of collaborations and stories full of love and attention.

In order to be fully transparent about our prices and value chain choices, we think its important to outline the multitude of layers that come before you receive your final product. Not only do we want to share the craft behind our co-creations, but also want to create dialouge about what it looks like to run a business with purpose. From establishing the backbone of a fashion brand, connecting artisans and designers around the world, investing in the development or revitalization of ancestral craft, to managing resource accessibility and transport in the most rural regions, the story of Zazi is an intricate and interwoven world of love, time, and passion. 

By sharing this process transparently and by listening to the stories of artisans, farmers, natural dyers, and weavers, we can truly begin to understand what is needed for true ‘sustainability.’ From seed to final product, click below to follow this process of working in harmony with our people and planet.

Our team is currently updating the website. Come back soon to read about our processes.


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