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Meet our global interwoven sisterhood

Kullvi Whims - India, Himachal Pradesh

From the mountains of Naggar, India the women from Kullvi Whims share the magic of knitwear. see more

IkatUz - Uzbekistan, Margilan

From Margilan, Uzbekistan the IkatUz family creates the most colourful ikats. see more

Saheli Women - India, Rajasthan

Saheli women is an all-female artisan collective in the village of Bhikamkor, India, and Zazi's first partner. see more

Ethical Fashion Initiative Global

Zazi is an official partner of the UN Ethical Fashion Initiative in Central Asia. see more

Asige - Ghana, Bolgatanga

Founded by Dorcas Asige in Ghana, the ASIGE women specialize in basket weaving by hand. see more

Xinã Raya Bena - Brazil, Amazon

From the Amazon, Brazil the Huni Kuin peoples - Xinaã Raya Bena projecttell their story through beadwork. see more

Intentional co-creation & cultural creativity

Each Zazi piece is a result of intentional collaborations designed with over 1100 artisans from all corners of the world. With our partner families, we weave traditional and ancestral techniques with contemporary ideas to co-create garments imbued with the cultures, places, and stories of which our artisan families wish to tell. 

Zazi is created on the principles of true collaboration and co-creation, allowing space for regrowth and working in harmony with our land, local biodiversity, seasons, and the incredible humans that weave our products into existence.

Our hope at Zazi is to truly celebrate our artisan partners and their craft. 

Akané Studio - India, Mumbai

Specialized in natural dyes, the sisters of Akané studio share the colours of nature. see more


Together with a network of families, we co-create our iconic Zazi coats from vintage Suzanis. see more

Ozara - Tajikistan, Khujand

From Tajikistan, the Ozara women celebrate the intricacy of suzani embroidery. see more


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