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Zazi Afghan community

Next to the possibility to directly donate to emergency response on the ground through the trusted NGOs, we wanted to give you the option to support the incredible Afghan artists, female storytellers and facilitators of our own Zazi Afghan community. Zazi has been interwoven with the craftsmanship, beauty and resilience of the Afghan artisan community over the past 5 years.

For safety reasons, we had to remove their names, however we are in constant contact with them. Some of the women we work with are part of minority groups and are facing a very uncertain future in Afghanistan. With these funds, we hope to support their asylum and visa applications, send money directly to the families in need throughout this time and keep you updated throughout this process.

All donations will be communicated clearly and transparently when our partners, families and friends are in safety. We will notify you about the developments on the ground as much as we can and donate 10% of our own total sales to this fund as well.

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