We as women have been translating our world and beliefs into cloth for centuries, weaving and stitching our prayers and wishes to the divine through silk spun threads. At Zazi we work with women’s artisanal communities worldwide to connect us back to the magic that fashion can be and truly honor the wisdom of feminine craft.

Our four pillars

When it comes to running a small company with purpose, there are so many layers that are both unseen and seen. To create your Zazi piece we work with the most talented artisanal communities who celebrate female craftsmanship, co-creation and storytelling as much a we do. 

Artisanal stories

Our co-creations are a process of months of calls and love letters to our partners to get to know them and their stories. Two teams of women coming together from far corners of the world to create products made with the intentionality to truly connect you to the stories interwoven in them.

Our journey started five years ago with 7 dresses made by the Saheli women and we are now working with women's artisanal communities through the UN Ethical Fashion Initiative and independent female-led social enterprises around the world. From India and Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and beyond. We hope that you feel their presence through every trim and stitch. 

Meet our partner families


Female craftsmanship

Each Zazi co-creation is imbued with the authentic richness of the cultures behind every material, pattern and craft. We are committed to bringing the stories of our artisans, who are the true fashion role model and the heart of everything we do. So the more we learn to see their craft and stories behind cloth, the riches and magical our world becomes. From the ancestral craft of colouring our garments with nature to the meaning behind suzani embroidery and the intricate process of making ikat by hand. 

"traditionally every mother teaches her daughter how to embroider suzanis. I learned it from my mother, and she learned if from her grandmother. Sometimes you even pass down the same suzani cloth from generation to generation. Each mother embroiders new wishes onto the empty spaces and it becomes dense with all the wishes of your ancestors." - by Tahmina from Ozara


Our pieces are a result of our designer's and artisan's creativity and talent that goes into the many layers of co-creating. From the first steps of designing and making patterns to the sourcing, dyeing, weaving and tailoring with love and attention. The crafts of our artisans are often passed on from generation to generation, and we love learning and creating with them. So we can make unique pieces together that you can love and cherish for many year to come and can pass on to your daughters and sons. 



By listening to the stories of artisans, farmers, natural dyers, and weavers, we as a global community will truly begin to understand what is needed for true ‘sustainability’. Together we learn and grow, acknowledging the many layers to work in harmony with nature and raising living standards on the long term. This means constantly improving our practices together with the Ethical Fashion Initiative and working closely with our partners to understand their needs. From working with already exciting and organic materials that are locally available to responsible processes, decent and fair working conditions and sharing full price and supply chain transparency with our community.

Read more about the EFI compliance scheme and their sustainability reporting

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