This spring-summer ‘21 campaign, we captured a visual story inspired by this women’s wisdom of soil and cloth. Working together with India’s leading creative agency Feat artists, Farhan Hussain, Puja Kulay and Sita Sunar, we translated the spirit of the story behind our dresses in the village of its makers, Bhikamkor - India. 

Every dress carries the spirit of its maker and a translation of nature. As a brand, we want to platform the soil, the threads and hands behind our dresses. We believe that there is a connected wisdom woven through these ancestral practices of relating to needle, thread and to the colours and healing properties of plants. By listening to the stories of artisans, farmers, natural dyers and weavers, we as a global community will truly begin to understand what is needed for true ‘sustainability’. 

Ⓒ Zazi vintage - photographer Farhan Hussain

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