Our colourful world of Zazi started in 2017 from a student bedroom with 7 dresses and no idea what the fashion industry looked like. Our first pieces had totally different lengths, sleeves and no size but for some reason, our founder Jeanne and our first partner Saheli Women made it work with a whole lot of love for artisanal craft, nature and weaving stories of women together through cloth.

Little did we know that our beautiful community of women would keep on growing 5 years later. 

A global family of storytellers

Today we as a brand, want to platform the soil, the thread and hands behind every piece we co-create. We believe that there is a connected wisdom woven through the ancestral practices relating to needle, thread and to the colours and healing properties of plants. By listening to the stories of artisans, farmers, natural dyers and weavers, we as a global community will truly begin to understand what is needed for true ‘sustainability’. 

Learn more about our journey by listening to the Ethical Fashion Podcast

Saheli Women and Zazi beginnings

Saheli WomenSaheli WomenSaheli WomenSaheli Women

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