The two sisters Janhavi and Juhi started plant dye studio Akane inspired by the love their mother had for sarees and textiles and moved by the need to change our relationship with textiles. Akané, pronounced as Ah- Kah-Nay, is the Japanese word for madder root or Manjishtha which has been used as a natural dye material traditionally to derive a deep red colour since ancient times.

The art of natural dyeing pulled Janhavi towards the idea where Juhi was moved by the impact of the fast fashion industry and the concept of mass consumerism, capitalism and how it was leading us, consumers, towards unhealthy purchasing habits which had drastic effects on the environment as well human lives. They aim to demystify the art of natural dyeing.

“The concept of working with nature, extracting colour from plants, leaves, flowers, and being inspired by it was truly fascinating. You can’t control nature and that’s the beauty of natural dyes.”

- Janhavi and Juhi - Founders of Akane studio

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