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'The Voice of Ladakh' - A Story of the Enchanted Hills

Written by Imogen Peacock - 29th November 2023

The ZAZI 2023 Fall/Winter campaign has been a journey of trust, intuition and deep gratitude. Going back to our roots, we embarked on our travels to Leh Ladakh to capture this collection but to also learn and connect to the women who live and breathe the Himalayan landscape, weaving their century-old knowledge and spiritual relationship to the land.

Ladakh is where nomadic pastoralists call home —the only region in India where Tibetan pashmina goats are raised - in essence it is a quintessentially sacred inner luxury. In a world where the relationship between the ‘things’ we accumulate and their manufacturing processes is fatally disconnected, ZAZI’s travels aimed to discover and deeply respect the reciprocal relationship between the people, product, environment and process

A landscape of Buddhist monasteries, flowing rivers, grazing animals and the sounds of humble prayer. Ladakh has a particular meditative sacredness within the mountain air, that is unmatched anywhere else. Environment, is a crucial relationship for the people of Ladakh, the exchange of respect is palpable and in turn each side of the relationship is nourished by its gifts. Because of this connection, Ladakh is becoming known as ‘one of the happiest places in the world’.

Photographed by Farhan Hussain in Nimmu House, a place where Buddhist Lama Kushock Bakula Rinpoche; ‘The Voice of Ladakh’ meditated and practiced his work in preserving and promoting Tibetan culture and spirituality.

Capturing the technicolor spirit of such a place is effortlessly done so by Farhan Hussain. Whilst capturing the Fall / Winter ZAZI collection is important, Farhan authentically considers the subjects and environment and the stories they wish to tell. In each photograph, he encapsulates his subjects at the heart of the narrative, providing a nuanced and thoughtful glimpse into their lives. 

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