IkatUz, famous for its Ikat designs, is a social enterprise in Margilan, located in the magical Fergana region of rural Uzbekistan. Previously known as one of the most important stops along the ancient Silk Road, IkatUz was founded by Azizbek in 2016 with a commitment to preserve traditional craftsmanship and cultural values while creating opportunities for local artisans.

Four years later, the atelier brings together 5 masters, 9 artisans, and over 50 Ikat weavers and partners with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. Artisans with incredible skill, unique stories and passionate advocates of social and environmental standards. Through IkatUz they can improve the livelihoods of themselves, their families, and their communities. 


MTM Uzbekistan 2020 Ⓒ EFI/ Big Style Media House
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