The Saheli Women’s collective is an arts and fashion studio where 40 women bring beautiful designs to life in a small village in Rajasthan. Founded by Madhu Vaishanav in the home of her mother in law in 2015, India. The women behind the collective emphasise the connection between artisan and buyers.

The Saheli Women centre focuses on community building through creativity and facilitating women’s economic and social independence. Additionally, IPHD (the NGO linked to Saheli women) sponsors the education of all daughters of Saheli Women members, runs the only female health clinic in the village, and delivers workshops on a range of topics including human rights, feminism, menstrual hygiene, health, and financial literacy.

“We want you to hear our voices. We have a voice and I would like it if people and brands help us to reach out and use it, sharing our thoughts rather than simply holding a flyer for a photograph. I would like the world to know about the strong ladies who change their lives through fashion, and how these beautiful women bring a positive connotation to the clothing – empowering the maker and the wearer at the same time. At the end of the day, when the clothes are made with love then they can be worn with confidence.”

- Madhu Vaishnav, Founder of Saheli Women - 


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