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Awakening the Connection to the Womb with Paola Nikté

Written by Frances Barbara, 11th April 2023

Meet Nan Paola Nikté.  A Maya Healer who offers wisdom on how to reconnect with the womb and braid this intuition into creation. Cultivating the art of listening to the feminine body in our everyday living and ritual, Paola now helps women to bridge the womb to our creative voice and power. 

With every careful action, women in their natural state, are beings of creation. How can we serve this creation? By careful listening and full intention with natural elements, says Nan Paola Nikté. Written on a Full moon, Paola introduces us to various balancing rituals. Pressing flowers into our sternums, sacred altars and gentle belly massage, are some of the practical magic to explore how we (as women) can self-initiate balance and harmony to open up to our creation.

From Ancient lands and Wisdoms

The Ancestral Maya territories spread from Tabasco down to Nicaragua and started 4000 years ago. The Mayas come from the Olmecs who were the first Civilisation in Mexico. 6000 years ago. They are mysterious people that disappeared, and leave us with the question - what happened to them? Paola’s gifts are a window into their knowledge of being. 

Her Paternal and Maternal background are Maya. From a lineage of healers, she carries within her a gift that spans thirteen generations which is as far back as they can trace. She tells us that we as people are already seeds in our grandmother's wombs before we are born. 

“Since a little child I was surrounded by all the rituals and ceremonies. I would watch my Grandmother. They would be praying and I would be like ‘oh no not the prayers again, all they do is pray all day’. Then I started to notice lots of things. I wondered, are the flowers, are they talking to me?  Are the trees, are they talking to me? Always when I walk somewhere I see things happening. 

Then one day I looked at the sky and there was a beautiful rainbow around the sun and in that moment an eclipse (I didn’t know it then). I was breathless. And I remember my Grandmother brought out a special ritual container and we saw the reflection through the water and we watched the sky. This is an example of the daily practices we use to cultivate what has been happening to the natural world.”

Reciprocity as a way of being

Paola holds in her an understanding of a greater being in nature that was cultivated by her Grandmother. As a child she liked to be with nature, and she received a lot of support from her family as they saw she had a gift to be a healer. 

Reciprocity is a way of being natural to Paola. She is always in a dialogue with Mother Nature and her surroundings. 

“My Grandmother is/was an important figure to me. She told me we need to learn to respect nature because she is our mother. You would never go and take something from a person without permission, so why would you go and take something from Mother Nature without permission? I need to remember what Granny would say, "I need permission from the flowers, I need permission from the trees.”

This permission is something Paola takes with her into her daily practice. It is a constant open conversation between herself and her surroundings. Paola’s last name Nikté is a word that means flower from the Maya Yucateco language and is a gift from her heritage. She is also born on a day that falls under the Maya Sacred Calendar, the Cholq’ij.  

Each of us has a specific gift to give back to nature, depending on the day we are born in our tradition. In the Maya Calendar, I was born under the sacred energy of Medicine and I am born in a family that has had this gift for thirteen generations.”

The Ajq'ijab', who are Maya spiritual guides, are the only one in charge of managing this calendar and have safeguarded a way of seeing, classifying and understanding the world.  The Maya wisdom that transcends more than 2,000 years. It is divided into thirteen 20-day periods, totalling 260 days. This is the same time in which it takes approximately a human being to convent in the mother's womb. We will be sharing more on how to discover your Cholq’ij gifts later this Spring!

The Gift of Womb-Healing

Unlike Paola’s Grandmother, Paola chose to carry forward her gift, and found herself wanting to work with Women and Womb Healing.

“I am a mother and my own (first) birth was traumatic. It was in a hospital in Spain. In Spain they throw the Placenta out. After this experience, I thought to myself: I have this gift, I am living now in these lands, what can I do ? How can I support others? Then, slowly and slowly, women started to come in my way and I said okay, this is my mission here. This is how I started working with Women and Women’s fertility.”

Paola’s story is a beautiful example of how in life, the things that break our hearts can break us open to our gifts and share why we are here and what to shine our light on. 

Living in the Netherlands Paola bears witness to the problems women have with their health and their womb. 

“For me how is it possible there is no education, there is no connection to the womb. Common problems, for example painful periods, are normalised here. These painful periods have a meaning, have a reason. We have both the physical and emotional sides to them. This led me to see a path where I share that something like painful periods or infertility or Endometriosis are not okay - are not normal. Trauma is a black seed that is growing, that is not blooming but saps energy out of you. Instead we can live by activating the sensual nature of living.”

Paola saw that through her own ability to be connected to her womb, that there lies disconnection between women and their wombs and now spends her time guiding women to connection, their womb, their voice and their source of creation. She says it is a big journey to move down: starting to listen to the womb and begin the process of healing trauma and intergenerational trauma within ourselves. 

“Most of the time women can’t put their hands in their womb and feel what is going on here. In my experience it is often the  first time they feel the tension there. But sometimes it is the mind, so I ask them ‘do you feel or do you think?’ and often they are thinking. Then they start to feel and surrender to the emotions that are coming. My way of supporting is by sharing the small things you can do to hold this space for yourself and your womb.”

The Nature of Spirit and Spirit of Nature

Paola says that through reconnecting with our womb we can feel and release this tension. It is more common, than not, that women experience trauma through the womb. Studies show there is a direct correlation between a woman's vocal cord and her sexual organs (Yoni) through the Vagus Nerve. This explains why when someone is fully in their voice, they are fully in their sexuality and creative power. 

Pink flowers can be used by passing  around your womb, face, neck, heart and chest. Pink is the colour of pure love, self love. This can help to re-sensitise ourselves to the creative force. Everyday, place your hands on your belly and do small circular motions to connect to our innate femme wisdom, says Paola. 

With these opening channels, Paola says that Mother Nature and her spirits can be our guides to the connection of our life force and creativity. 

“Everything is connection. It is all we have.”

We are always connected to nature whether we realise it or not, and we can open up conversations with Nature  using our own instincts, even in Urban, built up areas. Through Prayer, we can connect to the nature of spirit and by doing so, our own spirit of nature. Here she shares a beautiful gift with the Zazi community, a simple prayer altar ritual that you can do from home in your time!

“Praying leads us to come into contact with the invisible to our eyes, but to the visible of our spirit. Praying is already one of the most important spiritual practices in the Maya tradition.”

Ritual: The power of Prayers by “Nan Paola Nikté”

The life of the human being is full of rituals and life itself is a ritual. I have adapted these rituals to modern life in the cities. 

This daily ritual is very special, because it helps us to connect more with ourselves with the support of the first pure energies that are walking on the Earth by praying. 

Creating this moment of connection helps us to enter a dimension where we analyse, reflect and are able to see: 

  • Why are we grateful on this day? 
  • What do we want to ask? 
  • What do we want to let go? 

Human beings have that gift of dying every night and being reborn every dawn (sleeping and dreaming are the closest thing to experiencing death), every day we are allowed to observe and analyse our life through moments of connection when we pray. 


  • White candle 
  • Glass of water 
  • Incense 


  1. Place a space where you can create a small altar. 
  2. Bring objects that are special to you. Let's take 2 to 3 minutes to start moving from the mechanical world to the organic world. 
  3. When you have prepared your altar, place a white candle in your hands and charge it with your energy, all the good that comes out of your heart (peace, joy, gratitude, love), place it on your altar, then do the same with the glass of water charge it with that luminous energy. 
  4. Light your incense as an offering to perfume the universe, pass it around your altar, your body, the candle, the glass of water. Light your candle and thank the universe, (God, etc; according to your beliefs) for having been reborn to a new day, Mother Earth for sustaining you and your physical body for sustaining your spirit. 
  5. Say thank you for what comes out of your heart. This moment is not to ask for anything, but to thank the good and the bad, so we are directing our morning with the help of the pure energy.  In our Maya tradition these energies are stronger in the morning so doing this ritual helps us to connect more with our higher self, to create pillars to overcome the tests that will be presented during the day. It helps us to be more present in the earth, and don't forget to look at the sky. 

You can repeat this simple ritual every morning during this week and you will see that after a week it will become more natural to do so and 3 minutes will become 5, 10 etc.

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