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Chiming into our Inner Visions

Written by Frances Barbara, 7th May 2023

What is about sound that ignites within us, something so ingrained in our beings? Women have a profound pelvic-vocal link, that cannot hide the truth of one’s emotions. Kala says she can hear in any voice whether a woman can speak freely with full self-expression.

Karla Maria Poschmann, or Kala, the artist behind Sound of Kala, helps us to learn how the power of sound allows us to step out of the languages, experiences and places we are born into. And bloom into the vision of life held within you.

“The sounds and words coming up help to build bridges and uncover the layers of your inner world.”

Discovering the Sound Vessel

Kala aka Sound of  Kala aka Karla Maria Poschmann is a certified music therapist, a sound healer, an artist/performer, a creator, a musician, a kundalini practitioner, a songstress who has a clear connection to the world and waves of sound. When she was little, she knew she didn’t want to be a pop star, she wanted music always to be a place of play. To play instruments. To sing.  Then she discovered the vessel of sound: this allows her to play within this melodic world. And in this discovery of the sound vessel, she unlocked the strength of her own voice. 

Videos taken of Kala performing show her sitting surrounded by resonant clear quartz pastel sound bowls. Her hands move around the pink, the blue, the green. Her ears tapped into the room around her. Her blue eyes gaze as she listens. People laying down, eyes closed, deeply elsewhere. Using specific frequencies, sounds, instrument and voice, Kala can take a disharmonious energy body and bring it into harmony. 

“When someone wakes up from a session, it takes them some time to return (into the room). Sound travels through the fluid of our body and works on a cellular level so we can literally feel the frequencies within us. These sessions allow them to  reacquaint themselves with trust and surrender to the experience. They thank me for allowing them to find the inner world within themselves. It allows them to bloom.” 

Kala is Karla’s chosen stage name. Like sound, she is a travel frequency. She tells us how time does not exist, there is only the present moment. So when she creates the space for sound healing she is improvising in that moment, grounded in her knowledge and experience. 

“Sound healing is an art of improvisation.”

As a receiver of Sound Healing you are lying down, in stillness, receiving vibrations and frequencies. Dancing with her Sound Bowls, her voice, drums, she uses her instinctive senses to create a soothing space for receivers to enter, and then be activated by the sound. 

In this stillness it opens up a portal into your rich inner compass, and can allow for subtle shifts to occur within your physical body and energetic body. Through a combination of deep relaxation and sound, unblocking can occur. Kala says Sound Therapy can be used to create a space to start, encourage and accelerate healing: from emotional blockages to aiding in soothing various disabilities. Beyond unblocking, Sound Healing taps you into your instinctive knowing. The inner map. Allowing you to act from a place of internal rather than external guidance.

Activating Ancient Rhythms

A certified professional, she studied a BA in Art Therapy in the Netherlands, she has the holistic science background with which she can play with. Sound healing lends itself to the harmonics of music and sound: this way inducing harmony. 

“Sound healing allows people to be touched. It can tap into a non verbal understanding where we can turn on a switch to enable repatterning.”

When she worked with disabled children, using sound and music as therapy tools, she says each of these sessions are different. Each individual has different needs, different ways to communicate. 

“Some of them would always pick up the drums. The drum has a natural ancient rhythm. This rhythm activates a very ancient part of our bodies and invites us to tap into our bodies… I worked with a boy on the spectrum who was highly intelligent and sensitive to the world around him, therefore he would get overstimulated easily. In one session he hid under the table. I began to sing as a form of communicating with him, which calmed him down. Then he came out…I like to be very present in these sessions so I can perceive what is going on. The way I work is very intuitive so I will lean into different sounds, instruments, and my voice to allow a playfulness to come through. There is so much variety to our voices!”

Melodies are storytelling 

Kala tells us that Song holds a strong bond to humans. She says that melodies are storytelling, and if we hear a melody, it can entrain and entrance us into a different way of being or vibration - it can give us goosebumps (the good kind hi!), make our hair stand on end. 

Especially women. Women have historically used songs to capture moments, to express, to share wisdom, lessons, love. It throngs in us an quintessential essence that we all understand. Women have an intrinsic connection between our womb and our voice. Within the womb each human first hears the sound of our mothers voice. 

“It is impossible to not hear someone crying or being emotional through their vocal cords. Even the most professional singer or performer cannot hide from their voice the emotions are experiencing. Our voices communicate not only with the words we choose, but they resonate with the patterns of sound we create and the movements that create them. The natural rhythms of song, to the precise timing of a consonant, these patterns guide our daily communication. Humans can understand each other, even if we don’t speak the same language. Song allows us to connect, to hear each other's bodies. Melodies are storytelling.”

Blooming Inner Visions 

At Zazi the artisans we work with sing while they are weaving, or clacking at the looms, or spinning wool. Like laughter, the songs/sound animate the textiles. It connects.

The more time spent with Kala the more you become aware that her choice to not be a popstar, is because she has an inner knowing that she is a magician - where sound and music are her magic. She opens portals between humans to reconnect to the inner touch of sound of voice, and our authentic beings.

“To sing out loud the feelings you house inside. To hear through sound, what lies within and then bloom with those visions.”

Kala’s leaving gift is that all the sisterhood sing in the shower, uninhibited. So, Zazi sisters, may we all take our soaps and sing oh-so-loud in the shower! 

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