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Meet Jeff - beauty routines for self-love

Written by Jeff Bogaers & Megan Hudson - 9th January 2023

Having connected with Jeff through our Zazi studio shoot, we were inspired by her energy and wanted to share her story with our Zazi Community. Jeff shares with us her conscious beauty routines, weaving playfulness and the feminine into everyday, her passion for dance and grounding through the soil and songs of the birds in her beautiful new garden.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Jeff is working as a model, student of Ayurveda, and aspiring gardener - weaving her playful and feminine approach into everything she does.

Embracing the land and nature through her Amsterdam-based garden, stepping into the holistic and interconnected wisdom of Ayuverda, Jeff shared with us her inspiration to bring deeper connection into her approach of conscious modelling. From the values of the brands she represents to the ethical considerations of make-up products used during shoots, Jeff sees the need to realign values in the modeling sphere - bringing alignment her own learnings and  holistic approach to life. Speaking of all things feminine and celebration, she is inteweaving this in seeking to connect with and inspire other women.

Could you share your favorite beauty routine with us?

I love taking time every morning to massage my face and use a Gua sha. I do this with a lot of love and good intentions. It really helps me keep my face clean from any breakouts, I think because it’s super relaxing and destressing. It depends on the day but I do this for 10 to 30 minutes. I use oil from Lesse which I really like. There is turmeric in it and sea minerals.

I also love to do moon masks. Using menstrual blood as a skin mask. I think this is super healing and pure and it’s full of nutrients and minerals. I love this moment of the month because this practice allows me to honor and connect more deeply with myself, my feminine energy and my womb.

What is your favorite thing about dancing and what about dance brings you joy?

It just makes me so happy! Ever since my first class, I can only dream about pole dancing. It brings me so much joy and I really feel my femininity and strength working together at the same time. I also love to dance freely and follow my heart. I can be a little shy except when there’s music.


What would your perfect Sunday look like?

In Amsterdam... I would wake up and stay in bed a little longer, cuddle with my baby cats Jiby and Jumi. Then I would do my morning routines as usual. I love to have pancakes for breakfast… so I probably would make them. Then I would hop on my bicycle to meet my little sister to go to our little garden. I enjoy being busy there, getting my hands dirty and I love the smell of this place. Or drink matcha somewhere and have a good conversation with one of my best friends. Or go to the forest for a walk. I also like to cook so I would make a nice dinner. Or having friends over. Just easy! I love it when the day is spontaneous and flows. 

Could you share your favourite Ayuverdric tip/routine with us? 

I love my morning routine. I always start the day with tongue scraping and brushing my teeth. I drink a glass of warm water to flush the body and after that my favorite part of the day: abhyanga, self massage. I warm up some sesame oil and massage myself with love and care. It’s the best feeling. I leave this on the skin for 20/30 minutes and while waiting I usually stretch my body. After I take a shower and voila skin is super moist and soft. 

We heard you love crochet! Can you tell us a little bit about it and why you love it?

I have an old crochet bikini from my mom which is my favorite. So I thought I’d give it a try and make bikinis myself. I always liked being busy with my hands and I used to do all kind of creative things and classes at school including crocheting. It took me just a few hours to pick it all up again. For me it’s important to be mindful and use organic products. So I started my own small bikini brand called Wolf and Woman and I would love this to become an inspirational page as well. 

Image credits: Model Jeff Bogaers @jeffbogaers captured by photographer Andreea Bercu


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