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Rituals of grounding and replenishing with Sita

Written by Sita Sunar - 2 January, 2023

Today on stories of our sisterhood, we have our community manager and mediation & ayurvedic practitioner - Sita, sharing her rituals of grounding breath to support your first days of the new year!

During these cold winter days, nature seeks solace in hibernation and rest only to burst into bloom during spring. For centuries women have turned to nature to seek inspiration and live by her ways that cultivate rituals and creative practices that call in the dynamics of life that are needed in tune with the season of life. So, as we close old to enter new we must take some time for ourselves to ground and replenish our minds and bodies.


Dearest Zazi community,

It has been my absolute honor to connect with each of you over the last year. We have certainly bonded over all things Zazi, craft, cultures, and things that resonated with our hearts. However, today I am connecting with you about another joy of life that is embedded in me through my daily practice of meditation, and breath work.

My practice is an amalgamation of many things that crossed my path through the years. What started as a childhood passion to chant in temples paved the path to my first yoga lesson at the age of 6 on the open school ground stage. Flued by pita energy I could run a couple of marathons as a teenager but it was during my first meditation class I finally landed into harmony and ease. Only to realize it only took one deep breath to land there softly.

After the holidays and marathons of social events, we arrive at the time of the year when we are ready to launch ourselves into new versions of ourselves or radical change. So today I would love to share with you my practice which is rooted in intentions and nourishing breathwork that will cultivate the energetics that is needed to support your launch plan.

I hope this practice gently guides you to renewal.

I hope you cherish this time to encapsulate every small moment that touched your hearts and spirits - that led you to the end of this cycle; where you’re supposed to be!

Lots of love,



1) Find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

2) Close your eyes and land by feeling the presence of your breath.

3) Take a couple of deep breathes to release any tensions or pre-made to-do list and surrender to now.

4) Make a Vishnu mudra with your right fist - a hand gesture often used in pranayama and meditation practices.

5) Use your right thumb to seal the right nostril and inhale through the left nostril and close the left nostril with the right finger to exhale from the right nostril. Repeat this for 8-10times in the cycle of 3 or more

Note: The powerful Vishnu mudra is believed to activate the energies of the first three chakras - The Muladhara (root - for grounding and stability.) Svadisthana (Sacral- for enjoyment and relationships.) and Manipura (Solar Plexus- for personal power and inner fire.)

This grounding moon supports your nervous system to step out of your masculine sun energy (fight and flight mood) and land into nourishing feminine moon energy (grounding and calming).

Read my Vogue India article to know more about this grounding breath and its effects or connect with Sita (@sitasunar |

How ‘moon breathing’ helps Yoga teacher Sita Sunar lead a better life.

Ashtanga yoga teacher Sita Sunar demonstrates how she centres her breathwork on the moon in order to ground herself


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