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The importance of home-based work

Written by Jeanne de Kroon, 27th April 2023

At ZAZI we consciously chose to not work with any factories. All our artisan partners work from the comfort or their homes, in community centers and underneath the trees in rural villages. So why is this important for intentional creation and the relationship we have with our clothing and its makers? In this piece we dive into the importance of home-based work and how it relates to the flourishing of the feminine.

Community over factory

The origin of the global fashion industry comes from every woman, on every land creating and weaving their dreams into reality. Women have historically always gathered to craft in every culture across the world. We have come together in the homes of our sisters to create beauty, warm clothing and to adorn ourselves. It was in these tiny stitches, these threads being pulled together with giggles on an afternoon facing the sun that clothing was created and made to last. We all know that this nature of knowing the love and time that goes into pieces is what defines true luxury.

In all the years of co-creating with our partners, we have learned many things on what is needed to restore our connection back into our clothing and one of them is the importance of home based work as a base for artisanal creation.

To truly feel craft in fashion has been lost because of the repression of the feminine within the global systems. The value of productivity over creativity is directly intertwined this industrialisation of feminine creation. The fashion 1.7 trillion dollar industry is driven by over 85% women that mostly spend their time making the same piece over and over, on a ticking clock doing a tiny stitch day in and day out away from their families. We believe that the future of sustainable fashion lies in this very essence of what it means to honour female creation in harmony with nature over trends, factories and mass production.

Almost all of our partners create from the comfort of their homes, on the beds of rivers, underneath the mother trees or in the community centers where they are welcomed by their sisters. Receiving pictures from tea breaks in the forests and knowing that our dresses are made in harmony in between breast feeding & family care is what makes us most happy. It is a constant balance to find a way to make ARTisnal clothing that takes seasons and cycles to co-create but it’s really been made possible because of you and this ZAZI community.

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