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Meet Amsterdam based artist Anne-Mei Poppe



This month we will be focussing on our home Amsterdam and the little gems of women’s stories she nurtures. First up is a dear friend of ours Anne-Mei Poppe. Poppe’s paintings mirror the way our lives are connected with and depend on all that surrounds us. Poppe portrays female figures in everyday situations, often through a fantastical contemporary lens and in a vivid color palette.

We asked her a few questions about her work in our summer collection & love to share her work with you.


Captured by Ella photography


1. What sparks inspiration and influences your work?

I am mostly inspired by connection and relationships and the different layers they possess. I do feel that we’re not always in charge of what inspires us and that it is something to be channeled. Curiosity is key, meeting new people, visiting new places, having different conversations.

2. What is your process of creation and style of art work?

I work very intuitively, I rarely have a plan that is set in stone or a sketch that serves as a blue print for a canvas. I work based on feelings, I am not afraid to fail or alter my work as we go. It’s a process full of vulnerability, lessons and curiosity. I know it’s ever evolving. Connection and female form is central to my work and I love color. But also the color palette is totally unstudied, haha. I prefer working on (very) large canvases.

3. what brings you joy ♥️

My first coffee in bed, dancing like nobody is watching (with my babies), sunsets, vintage markets, midnight conversations, themed dinner parties and finishing a new painting.