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Our 2022 spring-summer campaign is the story of Ghana in all its glorious abundance told throught the lens of the African diaspora and creatives from the region.


"In order to change the common narrative of Africa as a place of struggle and dependency, we need to highlight African stories that represent what is actually happening on the continent. Africa is a place of sublime beauty, creativity and abundance. African communities are driven by strong values, family bonds and care for each other. Values that many societies in the global north could learn a great deal from.

With this campaign we wanted to cast a light on the African way of life that is often found in rural areas. The old houses, the nature, the village market. All of this carries a unique beauty and tranquility which reveals a deep wisdom many overlook. A wisdom that is based on having an unshakable faith in life and the path one gets to walk. Devoting oneself to the way things are and hence discovering a sense of relief and playfulness. It is an opposition to the western lifestyle, riddled with fear and anxiety. It is a lesson and solution to the ever growing pace of the world. Finding freedom in slowing down, finding ground in an ever changing world, growing roots rather than drifting in the wind.

It is a subtle message we were portraying in this campaign, yet, for those who can see it, it might be a strong reminder of where we come from and who we truly are."

- Sydney Nwakanma, creative director, Cycles Collective -


Ghana. A colorful story of abundance, resourcefulness and potential. A story of ‘Plenty’ but also a story with deep colonial wounds and with a new generation weaving change for its future by reclaiming the past.

When we started our collaboration with the  women’s led organisation of Dorcas Asige Apoore, who by the age of 26 employs and supports more then 512 women in her ancestral village through the elephant grass weaving collective ASIGE, we couldn’t be more than excited to use this campaign to platform the voices from the African diaspora and creatives from the region. To showcase Ghana through their lens.

Whether it is an abundance in nature, the joy of colorful encounters throughout the rhythm of daily life, the reclaiming of ancestral practices and decolonization of it’s past, the team behind the current ZAZI campaign wove the threads of change together with the magic of the ordinary.


The Zazi x Dorcas collection of colourful market and shoulder bags are co-created in colourful patterns with the ASIGE women in Ghana, Bolgatanga.

Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education (ASIGE) is a social enterprise with the vision of creating skills-based training centers and sustainable livelihood empowerment initiatives for women and young people in Ghana. Founded by Dorcas Asige Apoore, ASIGE reaches 429+ women in different communities in Ghana through a range of initiatives such as providing sexual health education, sanitary products, and sustainable vocational training. 

The women at ASIGE specialize in handwoven bags and baskets which represent generations of knowledge, technique, and cultural exchanges. Each bag is made up of unique patterns, techniques, and colors which help compose a story.

“Investing in women and girls is one of the surest ways to reach our sustainable development goals. When women are equipped with technical skills they can rise above the poverty lines in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.”

- Dorcas, founder ASIGE -



This campaign is used to platform the voices from the African diaspora and creatives from the region. To showcase Ghana through their lens.

Photography by Sylvernus Komla Darku from Black image Studios @blackimagegh @7thcediwitness @teamblackimage

Styled by Zazi @zazi.vintage

Model: Nuerki Nortey @nuerki_

Creative Director: Sydney Nwakanma @sydney_spaceship from Cycles Collective @cycles.collective

Hair and makeup: Asia Clarke @wild_moon and @beautybyjenn1

Production by Lauriane Almeda from Almeda production house @laurianeofficial @almedamodels